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Charlie Hebdo, PEN, Ondaatje

By Stan Persky | April 29, 2015

The writers’ organization , PEN, is giving an award to Charlie Hebdo magazine. Six prominent writers are protesting. What’s at stake?

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Chronicles of Chronos: Ian Reid

By Stan Persky | April 9, 2014

Stan Persky checks the time.

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On the Margaret Wente Annual Anti-University Column

By Stan Persky | March 17, 2014

This year, Margaret Wente thinks professors aren’t working enough. The underworked Stan Persky checks it out.

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Toronto after the Ice Storm: A Personal Report

By Brian Fawcett | December 31, 2013

Brian Fawcett, in the cold after Toronto’s ice storm, has some things to say, and some questions for the City of Toronto and its electrical ultility.

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What the duck?! Redux

By Stan Persky | December 21, 2013

Stan Persky presses the TV power button to discover some dead ducks.

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A “gay-friendly pope”? Let’s hope.

By Daniel Gawthrop | July 31, 2013

Dan Gawthrop is keeping an eye on Pope Francis.

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The Judith Butler Footnote: On Post-Gay and the 20th Anniversary of Xtra West

By Stan Persky | June 6, 2013

Feminist theorist Judith Butler delivers a post-gay commencement address in Montreal.

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Media Studies: Heart and Soul

By Norbert Ruebsaat | April 16, 2013

In Norbert Ruebsaat’s Media Studies column, a teacher and student discuss “God.”

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Mobile Realism

By Norbert Ruebsaat | April 11, 2013

What are those students doing, under the table, down in their laps? Norbert Ruebsaat investigates.

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The Flanagan Flap

By Stan Persky | March 4, 2013

Tom Flanagan, remember him? Probably not, if the news and spin cycle has passed you by.

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