My Level 10 Hangover in The Dawn of the New World According to George W. Bush

By Brian Fawcett | 2004 November 12

Brian Fawcett crawled out of a two week U.S. Election funk with a serious hangover. He explains why.

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The Canadian Roadmap

By Max Fawcett | 2004 November 11

Yasser Araft’s death has raised hopes that a new peace can be brokered between Israel and the Palestinian people. Max Fawcett disagrees, but he has a roadmap of his own that he thinks would actually work. Strangely enough, it comes the pages of our own history here in Canada.

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A Global Hangover

By Max Fawcett | 2004 November 11

Four years ago the American electorate got a little drunk and took the village idiot home. This time, they married him. What does this mean for the rest of us? Max Fawcett has a couple of ideas.

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It Can’t Happen Here: Secret Police, No Evidence, No Fair Trial

By Tom Sandborn | 2004 October 28

Tom Sandborn looks at Canada’s "security detention" procedures, and wonders whatever happened to the rule of law.

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The Morgentaler of Dope

By John Dixon | 2004 October 19

Of cannabis, kisses, and constables. John Dixon doesn’t light up on the mean streets of Vancouver.

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The Democratic Deficit

By Max Fawcett | 2004 October 14

Max Fawcett makes some observations about the final Presidential debate between John Kerry and George Bush and asks some questions about the very nature of democracy in the United States.

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It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

By Max Fawcett | 2004 October 9

Max Fawcett reviews the second U.S. Presidential debate, and is left with some pretty depressing conclusions.

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Letter from Berlin: CanLit Comes to Town

By Stan Persky | 2004 October 2

What does it feel like to go to a literary reading where the reader outnumbers the audience? Welcome to the Berlin Literature Festival. A report on Art-Torture.

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The Comeback Kid?

By Max Fawcett | 2004 October 1

Max Fawcett reviews the first of three televised Presidential debates and shares Yogi Berra’s belief that it ain’t over until it’s over…

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Virtual Inquisition

By John Harris | 2004 September 27

John Harris takes a run at Brian Fawcett’s Virtual Clearcut: The Way Things Are in My Home Town. It’s a direct hit, and pretty damned funny.

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