Nepotism and Novels at the National Post

By Brian Fawcett | July 12, 2001

Brian Fawcett has words with Danielle Crittenden’s attempt at writing a novel.

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After Lorca

By Stan Persky | July 5, 2001

Stan Persky offers us the fourth part of his ongoing series. This one is about the poet Jack Spicer, and is titled, as is one of Spicer’s books, After Lorca

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Of African Descent

By Stan Persky | June 19, 2001

The Third of Stan Persky’s serial we’re running under the working title of The Short Version,

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By Stan Persky | June 15, 2001

The second of our serialization of Stan Persky’s The Short Version. (The first can be found in the probe section of the archives).

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By Dzevad Karahasan | June 5, 2001

Bosnian Writer Dzevad Karahasan calculates the old and new possibilities of European history and literature

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By Stan Persky | May 30, 2001

Stan Persky begins a short-hand version of human and other kinds of history, beginning with a new movement in poetry called Aboutism

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By Wally Hourback | March 17, 2001

Wally Hourback has some dark thoughts about the language being used in the Bush White House

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Literature, Language and the Destruction of Cities

By Sharon Thesen | March 15, 2001

Sharon Thesen has some thoughts about what happened in Yugoslavia, and what it reveals about the abuse of language

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By Merrily Weisbord | March 5, 2001

The second of Merrily Weisbord’s two-parter on writing for money

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Yes! We Eat Dog Meat

By Gordon Lockheed | February 25, 2001

Gordon Lockhead discovers some wacky things in a dual-text primer for Korean students coming to North America

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