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Against Ludditism: Or, Why the Electronic Book is a Good Idea

By Max Fawcett | May 14, 2007

Fawcett discusses the future of the electronic book and the dangers inherent in
the literary establishment's approach to dealing with it.

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Canceling Imprint

By Gordon Lockheed | March 11, 2005

Gordon Lockheed has a few questions about a public television network cancelling English language television’s longest-running book show.

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Translating Heather

By Gordon Lockheed | October 22, 2004

Gordon Lockheed reports on the Chapters/Indigo shareholder meeting…

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Bulletins From the Book Trade: The Richmond Chapters Anti-Reader Fin

By Gordon Lockheed | November 5, 2003

Gordon Lockheed finds a telling example of Chapters/Indigo’s new merchandising strategy in the suburbs of Vancouver…

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What’s Wrong in the Book Trade?

By Gordon Lockheed | September 23, 2003

Gordon Lockheed continues his investigation of book publishing and book selling in Canada. (Other articles in the series are lodged in our BP&BS topic category)

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General Dies in Bed, or, Jack Stoddart’s Legacy

By Gordon Lockheed | September 11, 2002

Gordon Lockheed outlines the implications of the collapse of Stoddart and General Distribution Services…(there are five other articles on the crisis in Canadian publishing in the BP&BS archive)

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Why Canadian Novels Aren’t Selling Anymore

By Brian Fawcett | February 6, 2002

Brian Fawcett taps one of his inside sources for an explanation to why the sales of Canadian-authored novels have died.

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Indigo Blues

By Frank Davis | January 12, 2002

Frank Davis rides again, this time to explain why
the Chapters/Indigo experiment doesn’t work, and to hint at alternatives

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Fungibility and Bookselling

By Frank Davis | November 22, 2001

Frank Davis speculates on the possible effect a strange economic fetish has on the way the selling of books is currently being mishandled.

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Bookselling and Book Publishing in Canada, an emergency report

By Gordon Lockheed | October 26, 2001

Gordon Lockheed, with notes from Frank Davis, weighs in with the first of a series of reports on the conditions for writing, publishing and reading books in Canada.

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