Booker Prize Project


By Jean Baird | 2011 November 9

Jean Baird uploads her analysis of the 1992 Booker competition.

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By Jean Baird | 2011 October 25

Jean Baird uploads the year 1991 to her Booker Prize analysis, along with an interesting squabble over the conditions of book publishing in Canada

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By Jean Baird | 2011 October 20

Jean Baird uploads her evaluation of the 1990 Booker Prize competition, along with a discussion of overheads in Canadian prize budgets

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By Jean Baird | 2011 October 19

1989   The National Book Trust administers the Booker Prize in the UK. The organization appears to be networked with everyone, with connections to anything and everything connected to books. Its motto is “inspiring a love of books.” Notice that it’s all about books, not about writers.   As well as the Booker, the Trust…

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By Jean Baird | 2011 May 17

Jean Baird on the 1988 Booker Prize.

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By Jean Baird | 2011 May 16

Jean Baird files her report on 1987. It’s an interesting year.

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By Jean Baird | 2011 February 1

It’s February. But in the Booker Trail it’s 1986, and Robertson Davies is almost the winner. Margaret Atwood gets on the shortlist, and neither wins…

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By Jean Baird | 2011 January 18

Jean Baird uploads her 1985 analysis, but she’s more interested in the machinations behind Canada Reads.

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By Jean Baird | 2011 January 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about expectations. As we become more experienced readers how much do our expectations affect our response to a novel? The rest of our lives ebb and flow with our expectations so why not reading? George and I  lost our sea legs in Singapore, but it took a while, and not…

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By Jean Baird | 2010 December 27

Jean Baird uploads her analysis of 1983. She thinks Graham Swift should have won for Waterland. J.M. Coetzee did.

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