Bush/Olasky Alert

By Charles Christopherson | January 19, 2001

BUSH ALERT: Marvin Olasky

Marvin Olasky is the author of Compassionate Conservatism, (1999) which suggests that evangelical Christian churches are perfectly equipped to administer government entitlements and wealthy-redistributing programs, and to use the opportunity to render the clientele saved. The book also argues that the separation of church and state, a principle upon which the U.S. Constitution was forged, is an old-fashioned notion that has outlived its relevance. George W. Bush wrote the introduction to the book, and has already announced the formation of an "Office of Faith-Based Programs". Olasky has an interesting personal history of making vast leaps from extreme to extreme: raised as a Jew, supported Soviet-style Marxism during the 1970s, then became a born-again Texan like Bush, although there’s no evidence he made the last jump, as Bush did, to control a drinking problem. (G&M, 01-13-01 (139 w.)


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