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Friday, December 6, 2019

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Jean Baird is the co-editor, with George Bowering, of The Heart Does Break: Canadian Writers on Grief and Mourning (Random House, 2009), and the author of The Booker Project.

Booker Prize, 1971

By Jean Baird / 2010 January 20
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1971 Jury: John Fowles, Saul Bellow, Lady Antonia Fraser, Philip Toynbee and John Gross. I assume we all know the first three (how did they get rid of Dame West?) Philip Toynbee was a British writer and journalist. He wrote experimental novels, and distinctive verse novels, one of which was an epic called Pantaloon. He…

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Booker Prize, 1970

By Jean Baird / 2009 December 29
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(An addendum appears at the end of this article) 1970   Jury: David Holloway, Dame Rebecca West, Lady Antonia Fraser, Ross Higgins, Richard Hoggart. Holloway is not the guy who played in the CFL. I assume he’s the critic. Fraser is Harold Pinter’s second wife and a detective novelist and historian. Higgins? No idea. The…

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Reading the Bookers: 1969

By Jean Baird / 2009 November 25
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Jean Baird begins to read novels shortlisted for the Booker Prize. She begins with 1969…

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Living in My Small Community

By Jean Baird / 2004 March 17
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A Port Slowburn, Ontario resident has a slight disquisition with Brian Fawcett’s column on reciprocity within small communities

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