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Mad Cows

What should people expect to happen if they process diseased sheep-brains as cattle feed? That said, nothing warrants the volume of self-involved hysteria being generated amongst health Nazis over this issue, and nothing quite explains how willingly they’ve allowed themselves to play into geopolitical trade nightmare we’re in the midst of. The worst part of it–aside from the slaughter of millions of cows who did nothing wrong but eat what was put before them–is when it clobbers poor farmers who’ve just spent their life savings importing a herd of water buffalo from the EEC, because what’s really victimizing them is our own trade bureaucrats lashing back at European penalties against our moronic forestry practices. The good side is that it is going to be impossible to get a hamburger anywhere on the planet in a few years. Now, if only we would extend the hysteria to hot dogs, and get our trade bureaucrats to recognize that the true villains here are Agribusiness interests and GATT…

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