Dooney's Dictionary

Coren, Michael

A charter member of the Aggrieved White Guys club, Coren started off public life as a British fop, wrote a biography of British conservative Catholic jingoist G.K. Chesterton, and became a Toronto media presence–all by dressing up and shooting off his mouth as if it were the 1890s. He’s currently attracting litigation as an open mouth radio host, used-car salesman, newspaper columnist and all-round intellectual soccer thug. If just one person in the Toronto cultural community had bothered to read (or reread) Chesterton a few years ago, Coren would have been laughed out of the country. He’s quick to resort to hysterical ideology-the typical result of sincerity mixed with a lack of talent-and has become a kind of miniature Rotweiler for the much more powerful people, mainly Christian car dealers, who find it convenient to have him in the public eye.

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