Sidney Australia is the pseudonym of a philosophy professor and former sex worker.

Quebec Charter of Values

By Sidney Australia / 2014 April 10
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As a Globe and Mail op-ed piece asked the morning after the April 7, 2014 Quebec provincial election, “Who would have bet, just 33 days ago, that Philippe Couillard would become the 31st premier of Quebec?” Couillard, for those of you who sensibly don’t follow these matters with bated breath, is the head of la…

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Unfair Elections Act, The

By Sidney Australia / 2014 March 16
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The first and main thing to note about PM Stephen Harper’s proposed Fair Elections Act is that everybody who knows anything about elections thinks that it’s unfair. As Leonardo di Caprio says in The Wolf of Wall Street about some scam he’s just about to tell us about, “You really don’t want to know the…

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